Helge Lien

Helge Lien (1975) is a Norwegian jazz-pianist and composer. He performs regularly with his piano trio and with other well-known Jazz musicians such as  Silje Nergaard. Helge Lien (born in 1975) was born and grew up in Hedmark.He is touring regulary with his own "Helge Lien Trio" through the whole world and recorded already seven CDs since 2001. This Trio received a Grammy award in 2008 for "Hello Troll". Helge is part of several more projects containing singers and instrumentalists.Helge Lien earned prizes at the Kongsberg jazz festival music store (2008) and won the "hansa-price" at Night Jazz in Bergen. Currently he is playing together with Maria Roggen as Duett LiveLien. He recorded the piano solo CD "Kattenslager" on a C. Bechstein grand piano C 234, and he owns a C. Bechstein piano


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Helge Lien Improvises Powerful Soundscapes

Helge Lien Improvises Powerful Soundscapes

The imaginative CD cover depicts the pianist hanging in an upright piano, almost as though he had been crucified and his hands doomed to play the instrument through all eternity. The new CD, titled Kattenslager, was not recorded on an upright, of course, but on a C. Bechstein C 234 grand piano, on 3 and 4 October 2011 at Pettersens Kolonial Lydstudio. Helge Lien brings us to a musical universe made of atonal music and dark expressionism, as well as moments of lightness, soft poetry and beautiful melodies. On this album the Norwegian jazz musician, who also has a thriving career with his own trio, exuberantly blurs the boundaries between tonal and atonal music, jazz and classical, Nordic tradition and international avant-garde. An amazing acoustic adventure.

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