Eugene Mursky

Eugene Mursky, born 1975 in Tashkent (Usbekistan), studied in Moscow with Lev Naumov. Eugene Mursky won first prize in 1989 at the National Piano Competition of the Republic of Usbekistan, 1990 the Grand Prix at the 5th Piano Competition of the Central Asiatic Republics. Since 1993 Eugene Mursky has been continuing his study with Reinhard Becker in Trossingen, Einar Steen-Nökleberg in Hanover and Hans Leygraf in Salzburg. In 1994 he won first prize at the World Piano Competition in London, connected with the prize for the best Chopin interpretation. 2000 winner of the Edvard Grieg Competition in Oslo, 2001 the Bremer Piano Competition and 2002 the "F. Denza" International Piano Competition in Naples. For Profil label Eugene Mursky is recording Chopin's complete piano compositions.


photo © Guido Tom Kahle

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