Unique in the world: The C. Bechstein Grand Piano Lounge in Hamburg

A sophisticated acoustic architecture with three worlds of sound.

A new highlight in Hamburg's World Heritage Site

The Chilehaus in Hamburg's Kontorhaus district is one of the Hanseatic city's most noteworthy buildings. Completed in 1924, the clinker brick building is considered an icon of expressionism in architecture and has even been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

The C. Bechstein Centrum Hamburg has been based here since 2015 and, with its large selection of exquisite instruments, attracts piano enthusiasts from all over northern Germany to the historic Speicherstadt. The varied program of events that regularly takes place in the C. Bechstein Concert Lounge on the second floor of the showroom has also long since established itself in Hamburg's cultural scene.

Acoustically outstanding with three worlds of sound

Now the C. Bechstein Centrum Hamburg has even added another highlight: The C. Bechstein Grand Piano Lounge has opened its doors! It is a must for anyone who wants to experience the fascination of a first-class grand piano in a unique sound atmosphere. Thanks to a sophisticated acoustic architecture, piano lovers can get to know their instrument sonically in a variety of ways. The C. Bechstein Grand Piano Lounge offers space for three sound worlds:

In the "Concert Hall" sound world, the pianist feels transported to a concert stage. The room opens up sonically and gives the piano playing a powerful volume, as in a concert hall.

The "Small Hall" sound world simulates more intimate room acoustics. The sound opens up to a volume that corresponds approximately to a 70-90 square meter hall with high ceilings.

The "Music Room" sound world makes the sound even more compact. Here, the acoustics are roughly comparable to those of a 30-40 square meter room.

"Choosing a grand piano is something unique. Our grand piano lounge is the perfect place for it," says Centrum director Axel Kemper about the new jewel in the Chilehaus, which also adds a cultural attraction to the entire Kontorhaus district.

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