Tübingen C. Bechstein Center teams up with Jazz Club

Following a successful opening performance by the Tal Blumstein Trio, the Piano Süd Trio is set to continue the new concert series on 20 January 2017.

The collaboration between the Tübingen C. Bechstein Center and the city’s Jazz Club kicked off in October 2016 with a dazzling performance by the Tal Blumstein Trio in front of a packed house.

Tübingen Jazz Club has been a dominant feature of the regional music scene for thirty years, organizing over fifty concerts, sessions and live recordings per year. As part of this new collaboration, two concerts a year are scheduled at the Tübingen C. Bechstein Center, whereby the Jazz Club organizes the event while C. Bechstein provides the location and a magnificent grand piano especially tuned for jazz music. The pianist and his C. Bechstein will play a central role in these purely acoustic concerts.

The Tal Blumstein Trio is a contemporary jazz ensemble based in New York and Tel Aviv. During the October concert at the Tübingen C. Bechstein Center, the band showcased its latest album New York – Tel Aviv featuring compositions penned by frontman Tal Blumstein. Playing a C. Bechstein grand, the young pianist alternated between soft, gentle ballads and more upbeat pieces, impressing the audience with his effortless style and great musical maturity. 

The next concert in the series is scheduled for January, 2017 and will feature the Piano Süd Trio. During this event, Antonello Messina (piano), Silvano Borzacchiello (drums) and Luca Lo Bianco (double bass) will present their repertoire, which marries dance, lyrical and ironical works. Sharing their personal experiences enables the three Italian musicians to feel close to their home country. The three performers have recorded numerous CDs and played with the cream of the international jazz scene.

Come and discover the Piano Trio Süd live at the Tübingen C. Bechstein Center on 20 January 2017!