Our Pianos of the Month: The C. Bechstein Residence instruments

A wide variety of silhouettes and designs - always with the typical rich and vivid sound that touches the soul

The C. Bechstein Residence line has a broad variety of casings, from classical silhouettes to elegant details, to award winning modern design. These instruments make it easy to express your individual style – a C. Bechstein Residence instrument is sure to become the center of your home.

And there is one thing you can always rely on: the sound that touches the soul. C. Bechstein Residence pianos have a rich and vivid tone, and even the most minute nuances in your play will register. C. Bechstein Residence pianos are bound to inspire, and to surprise. The feel of these instruments will satisfy even the most demanding player, and their precise construction allows you more freedom to express yourself in your music.

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