More fun with a perfectly tuned piano

It’s more fun to play a perfectly tuned piano. Our sense of hearing is sharp and we appreciate the balanced sound of a tuned grand or upright piano.

You should avoid playing a poorly tuned and regulated instrument. This applies in particular to children, as it impairs their ability to differentiate notes and therefore lowers their sensitivity to beautiful sounds. Like the other senses, hearing contributes to the quality of life.

Good uprights and grands are highly sensitive instruments. The slightest alteration in climatic conditions impacts the tension of both the soundboard and the strings. This is why we recommend having a piano tuned at least once a year, and optimally both at the beginning and the end of the heating season.

Furthermore, we recommend commissioning only qualified tuning specialists, as entrusting your piano an amateur may result in irreversible damages to your instrument. Don’t hesitate to ask the tuning specialists at our international C. Bechstein partner dealers if you have any questions on tuning and the recommended maintenance of your piano.

A good tuning specialist charges you somewhat more, but beyond tuning he also takes time to check the voicing and regulating of your piano to make it more pleasant to play. If tuned by a good specialist, your piano delivers a precise sound and remains tuned longer. Entrusting your instrument to a professional tuning specialist is essential for maintaining its value in the long term.

The C. Bechstein Technician’s Academy ensures ongoing training of the company’s piano-makers, tuning specialists and concert technicians. It also offers certified training courses to our partners’ personnel. C. Bechstein’s tuning specialists regularly receive first prizes at tuning competitions.

Take advantage of our rich piano-making tradition and expertise! When it comes to professional tuning and servicing of your upright or grand piano, you can trust the experienced international C. Bechstein dealers.


Good tuning costs somewhat more but ensures that your piano remains tuned longer. Don’t hesitate to ask the tuning specialists at the C. Bechstein Centers if you have any questions on tuning and the recommended maintenance of your upright or grand piano.

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