Key to Success: The Annual Convention of the Piano Technicians Guild

C. Bechstein was a grand sponsor and also offered training classes.

F. l. t.r.: Ralf Dewor (CSO C. Bechstein), Elia Ramm (piano technician C. Bechstein), Michael Hebert (piano technician Piano Vertu, Canada), Jean-Marc Beauchamp (piano technician Piano Vertu, Canada), Dorothea Michels (piano technician C. Bechstein)

Arlington, the town in Northern Virginia (U.S.A.), directly across the Potomac River from Washington DC, has just hosted the annual convention of the Piano Technicians Guild from July 26th -29th.

This event is the world’s largest gathering of piano technicians and industry-related partners. With a large variety of classes encompassing every aspect of the profession, attendees had the opportunity to hone their skills, expand their knowledge, and to network with industry-leading professionals.

C. Bechstein was one of the grand sponsors of this significant event and conducted several workshops. Expertly led by highly experienced piano technicians, these sessions aimed to share valuable insights and techniques, enriching the understanding of C. Bechstein pianos among the attendees.

Working together for the future of the piano industry

Furthermore, it was a delight to witness the active participation of C. Bechstein’s younger generation of piano technicians. Their presence at the convention played a pivotal role in enhancing knowledge exchange and embracing the future of piano technology.

As always, we extend our gratitude to our valued partners for their ongoing support in making such gatherings a resounding success. Together, we strengthen the bond within the piano industry and contribute to its continuous growth and innovation. We eagerly look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and further enrich our shared passion for pianos.

About the Piano Technicians Guild

The Piano Technicians Guild is the world's premier source of expertise in piano service and technology. It represents more than 100 years of collective knowledge, over 3,300 global members and one the industry's most recognized piano service certification program, the Registered Piano Technician. The Guild’s mission is to promote the industry's highest possible standards by providing members with every opportunity for professional development and technical competence.