David & Götz enthrall the audience in Seifhennersdorf

The exceptional concert given by the David & Götz piano duo attracted 1,100 people from all over the Oberlausitz region to the Seifhennersdorf C. Bechstein manufactory.

David Harrington and Götz Östlind, the pianists that form the David & Götz duo, enthralled the audience playing two C. Bechstein D 282 concert grands. The listeners appreciated the three-hour show not only for the talent and the humor of the performers, but also for the exceptional atmosphere of the venue.

David & Götz performed in a vast, empty hall at the Seifhennersdorf C. Bechstein manufactory which will accommodate the production facility for upright and grand pianos following its modernization. Both this “concert hall” and the factory yard were lavishly decorated and beautifully enhanced by a lightshow on the occasion of the concert.

David Harrington and Götz Östlind sent the audience into raptures, as much through their excellent playing and singing, as through their sparking wit as they introduced the various works. With their interesting and amusing statements that frequently had the audience chuckling, the two brilliant musicians also proved to be good entertainers.

The regional advertising campaign that included posters and reports in the press and on the radio attracted the public’s attention to this exceptional C. Bechstein concert, so that the tickets to the event were rapidly sold out.

In a word: a great concert, that stood out for its authenticity, its expressive power and the candidness of the performers.