Cremona Musica Fair Shines with C. Bechstein and Its Exclusive Partner Fabbrini Pianoforti

C. Bechstein and Fabbrini Pianoforti in harmonious partnership at the important European music fair.

Located in the beautiful Italian region of Lombardy is the charming city of Cremona. Birthplace of the finest violin makers such as Stradivari and Guarneri, the city is still renowned worldwide for its techniques in the making of stringed instruments. The city is also home to the annual Cremona Musica International Exhibition. It is considered the best of its kind for high quality instruments. During the three-day event, September 22-24, visitors could attend workshops, master classes, concerts, and exhibitions on a range of instruments, including guitars, string and wind instruments, and pianos.

This year, Cremona Musica's spotlight shone brightly on C. Bechstein and its exclusive Italian dealer, Fabbrini Pianoforti. C. Bechstein's booth, created in collaboration with Fabbrini, showcased a magnificent collection of pianos representing the entire spectrum of C. Bechstein brands. What truly stood out were the two D 282 concert grand pianos on display  - one at the booth and one in the Amati Room, a venue that hosted several concert performances and events. 

Cremona Musica: A Stage for Musical Excellence

A captivating moment at Cremona Musica was the book presentation in the Amati Room with legendary piano concert technician Angelo Fabbrini. In an intimate setting, he shared his life story and presented his autobiography, giving attendees a unique insight into his passion for his profession. The audience was enchanted by the personal insights and encounters that have shaped Angelo's remarkable career.

To add to the accolades, Angelo Fabbrini received the prestigious Lifetime Award at Cremona Musica. This recognition underscored his unwavering commitment to promoting and preserving the musical heritage and piano craftsmanship in Italy. 

It was a moment of pride for C. Bechstein that its dear partner Fabbrini was so intensely recognized at the fair, reinforcing Cremona Musica's status as an important stage for musical excellence.