Award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a Top Training Company

C. Bechstein Pianoforte-Manufaktur GmbH has received the first award from the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the top training company of the year 2023/24!

From left: Joshua Fries, Matthias König, Kai Janosch, Andreas Sperl, Torsten Köhler and Markus Roscher.

C. Bechstein Pianoforte-Manufaktur GmbH recently received the first award from the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce as Top Training Company of the Year 2023/24! Torsten Köhler, Managing Director for Education at the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce, praised the company at the award ceremony: "The achievements in training are outstanding, as is the commitment to the region and the impressive diversity. This goes beyond the norm." The award was accepted by Matthias König, production manager at the Pianoforte-Manufaktur, and apprentice Joshua Fries. Joshua Fries is 23 years old, originally from Cologne, and is about to begin his fourth year of training. He has always been interested in pianos and finds the training as a piano maker the perfect mix of hobby and profession. After his apprenticeship, he would like to work at the C. Bechstein Centrum Hamburg and gain experience with customers and sales. Eventually, Joshua would like to return to Seifhennersdorf to complete his apprenticeship as a master craftsman.

As a renowned piano manufacturer and the largest trainer in the industry in Europe, we attach great importance to promoting talented craftsmen. Currently, 33 piano makers are being trained at the Seifhennersdorf factory. In the future, there will be 40, ten in each year of training. International young professionals also find their way to Seifhennersdorf for training every year. Training supervisor and piano maker Kai Janosch is very proud of his apprentices, most of whom stay at the manufactory or the C. Bechstein Centers after their training. During their training, the apprentices not only receive the additional qualification of CNC training, but each piano maker also has the opportunity to take weekly piano lessons. Being able to operate the instruments not only technically, but also musically, is a huge advantage for the trainees. Another special feature is the C. Bechstein choir of trainees in Seifhennersdorf, which performs several times a year. "This creates shared experiences and promotes team spirit," says Kai Janosch. As well as accommodating the trainees in the company's own guest houses.

We are delighted to have received this recognition for our dedicated training work and trainees!