ARTISANS. Meet the people behind the C. Bechstein instruments

YouTube series about the passionate craftsmen and women in our manufactory.

Get to know the people behind every single C. Bechstein instrument: the experienced craftsmen and women whose hands create musical masterpieces in our Seifhennersdorf factory. 

Each of them has a unique story that led them to piano making, and a very individual motivation that helps them create the unique sound of our instruments every day. We are delighted to share some of the stories of these passionate craftsmen in our new YouTube series "Artisans". 

Meet Markus Roscher, for example, whose grandfather instilled in him a passion for working with wood, or Katrin Schmidt, who grew up right next door to the C. Bechstein factory in Seifhennersdorf, Germany, and used to listen to the pianos being tuned with the windows open on her way to school in the summer.

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