As a gesture of gratitude: concert with Tomáš Kačo in the presence of the Czech President

The Czech pianist musically thanked all his supporters.

Under the title "Stronger than Today" a concert of the Czech pianist Tomáš Kačo took place on September 25 in the Riding Stables of Prague Castle. The President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, and his wife, Eva Pavlová, were among the guests of honor.

Tomáš Kačo comes from a large Roma family from a small town in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. His musical path has taken him to stages all over the world, including Los Angeles, where he lives today. Tomáš Kačo wanted to give a concert to thank all those who have supported him along the way. At the same time, he wanted to appeal to the perseverance of children growing up in difficult circumstances.

Patrons of the concert were the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavl, and First Lady Eva Pavlová. Tomáš Kačo, who played on a C. Bechstein concert grand from the Prague showroom, also invited violin virtuoso Jiří Vodička, concertmaster of the Czech Philharmonic, to perform on the program.

"I am very happy that this evening can take place. All my successes are also the successes of people who believed in me and in some way accompanied me on my way. I would like to dedicate this evening to them," said Tomáš Kačo during the preparations for the concert. "I also wish that there will be more and more such people among us," he adds.

The biography of pianist, composer, singer and arranger Tomáš Kačo is the story of a lifelong dream come true. The fourth of twelve children, Tomáš Kačo began to play the piano independently at the age of five. It was not until seven years later, when he attended a music school, that he discovered sheet music and the various piano techniques. He went on to study at the Prague Academy of Music and, since 2017, at the prestigious Berklee College in Boston. His solo recitals are based on improvisations in which he shows his distinctive style: a fusion of classical, jazz and traditional Roma music.

(c) Ivan Malý