A great baby grand

The W.Hoffmann Vision V 158 model is the ideal solution if you’re in search of a grand but live in a rather small apartment. This affordable baby grand piano with a remarkable sound belongs to the extremely successful W.Hoffmann Vision range made by C. Bechstein Europe in Hradec Králové (formerly “Königgrätz”), a Czech city famous for its century-old university.

The W.Hoffmann Vision V 158 baby grand stands out for its European voice, harmonious sound profile and pleasant touch. Like the other instruments of the W.Hoffmann brand, it asserts itself very successfully over mass-produced Asian grand pianos. This affordable baby grand with a distinctive voice is made by the experienced piano-makers of C. Bechstein Europe who are committed to creating quality in every detail.

The W.Hoffmann Vision V 158 is a sturdy, powerful grand of small dimensions. Carefully selected piano-makers backed with a wealth of expertise make a synthesis of personalized craftsmanship procedures and the excellent manufacturing structure developed at the Czech production site to create musical jewels with a distinctive, singing European voice. Several articles published in specialized music magazines confirm the exceptional character of C. Bechstein Europe.

Quality is a crucial factor, especially if you wish to purchase a grand piano that stands out for its beautiful voice and will maintain its value for a long time despite its affordable price. W.Hoffmann pianos are no “conveyor belt” instruments, and boast “the sound of Europe” naturally as piano-making was born there. C. Bechstein Europe makes no compromises when it comes to quality and knows that a good piano is essential for sustaining the motivation to play.

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