Duo Tal & Groethuysen: the Art of the Fugue

The Tal & Groethuysen Duo will perform Bach’s The Art of the Fugue as adapted by Reinhard Febel in 2015 in a recital to be given at the Konzerthaus in Berlin on February 17, 2022.


Although there are already many adaptations of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Art of the Fugue (BWV 1080), a major work of counterpoint, Reinhard Febel (born in 1952) was commissioned to compose a new one, for piano duo, during the 2015 Ansbacher Bachwochen festival. Based on the original score, the German composer created what Rondo magazine calls “a particularly ambitious and refined playing field including rhythm and tempo changes, echo effects and new tonal nuances.”

The Israeli Yaara Tal and the German Andreas Groethuysen form one of the most successful piano duos in the world and perform in famous concert halls. They are known for their creative programs, which often include works for two pianos or four hands that have unjustly fallen into oblivion. Tal & Groethuysen’s international success is due in part to their exclusive collaboration with Sony Classical: the two pianists have recorded more than thirty-five albums for the label over the past three decades, many of which have won prizes. One of these is the German Record Critics’ Prize, awarded in 2020 to the double CD with Reinhard Febel’s 18 Studies. Tal and Groethuysen have been teaching at the Salzburg Mozarteum since 2014 (piano solo and piano duo classes), while Andreas heads the school’s Key Instruments department.

With the kind support of Konzerthaus Berlin and RBB Kultur.

Reinhard Febel: Bearbeitungen von Johann Sebastian Bachs „Kunst der Fuge“


Fotos © Gustav Eckart und Michael Leis


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