V 112 V 112 W.Hoffmann W.Hoffmann 59.4'' / 151 cm cm 22'' / 56 cm cm 485 lbs / 220 cm 44.5'' / 113 cm kg W.Hoffmann Vision V 112: an affordable beginners' piano of good quality, an instrument made in Europe by C. Bechstein that offers incredible value for money. new Upright
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V 112

W.Hoffmann Vision

A small but sweet instrument with a pleasant touch and a sound rich in overtones. Incredible value for money.

V 112

W.Hoffmann Vision

A small but sweet instrument with a pleasant touch and a sound rich in overtones. Incredible value for money.


W.Hoffmann Vision V 112: an affordable beginners’ piano of good stock

A quality, sturdy and affordable upright developed by C. Bechstein Europe, the V 112 is more than just a piano for beginners.

A few words on the origin of this successful model: it’s produced by C. Bechstein Europe, a subsidiary of C. Bechstein Germany, the largest European manufacturer of quality pianos. What makes the production site so special is its size, state-of-the-art equipment and excellent working conditions. The company’s highly skilled wood, metal and finishing specialists take great pride in their work – and rightly so. The same goes for the action and voicing specialists, who add a personal touch to every single instrument.


If you’re on the lookout for a beginners’ piano, better buy one with good genes!

The W.Hoffmann V 112 upright piano helped make the Vision series a roaring success by offering a new dimension in sound quality: “The Sound of Europe”. In doing so, this model introduced harmony to a market dominated by pianos with a dull, somewhat sterile sound.

The W.Hoffmann Vision V 112 beginners’ piano is made of quality materials. A Bechstein dealer will gladly demonstrate the features of this model: a solid wood back frame, spruce ribs and soundboard membrane, hard wood bridges, cast- iron frame, top-quality European strings, keyboard and entire action assembly that echo the European quality standards, hammerheads covered in felt made of English wool.

This elegant beginners’ piano boasts a pleasant feel and beautiful sound rich in overtones. This affordable instrument isn’t just any old piano!

The Sound of Europe

Fabulous upright and grand pianos for beginners and professional pianists. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.


W.Hoffmann Vision Line

Solid braces made of medium-density wood and partially reinforced

Spruce, specially processed for use in any climate



Glued laminated timber

Cast iron

Made in Europe with top-quality steel

Copper, 95% purity

Massive pinewood and medium-density fibreboard

For clearer sound (only on some models)

Meets European standards, “concert” optimisation for the largest uprights

C. Bechstein hammerheads with maple molding, warm European tone

V 112 Dimensions

Dimensions   H 44.5'' / 113 cm ×  W 59.4'' / 151 cm ×  D 22'' / 56 cm   Weight   485 lbs / 220 kg
W.Hoffmann V 112


W.Hoffmann V 112
C. Bechstein Europe

The Sound of Europe


C. Bechstein Europe is a company with a unique production site, characterised by the attention to detail and the excellence of German engineering, that is rooted in European culture and intends to deliver to all pianists the ideal musical partner they are looking for.


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