P 120 P 120 W.Hoffmann W.Hoffmann 150 / 59.4'' cm 61 / 24'' cm 245 / 540 cm 120 / 47.2'' kg W.Hoffmann P 120: a professional instrument for demanding piano players that is made in Europe and epitomizes C. Bechstein’s expertise. A durable instrument with a powerful sound and a pleasant touch. new Upright
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P 120

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The Sound of Europe

Fabulous upright and grand pianos for beginners and professional pianists. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.

A compact piano for demanding players and professional pianists

Why settle for any less? Choose a delicate, harmonious and distinctly European sound! The W.Hoffmann P 120 upright boasts a highly professional touch. Its stable, powerful and exceptional voice results from the meticulous selection of the materials, especially those used for the outstanding acoustic assembly with a reinforced back frame that epitomizes C. Bechstein’s expertise.

The expert processing of the quality materials guarantees top performances on this professional instrument. See the technical specifications for further details.


Action assembly (including the hammerheads) made by C. Bechstein

On the W.Hoffmann Professional P 120 model, the geometry of the soundboard and the dimensions of the hammerheads are designed to optimize the sound projection and maximize your playing pleasure. Moreover, the hammerheads made by the parent company, C. Bechstein Germany, stand out for their unparalleled quality, as the specialist press notes.

P 120 Dimensions

150 / 59.4''

Width in cm

120 / 47.2''

Height in cm

61 / 24''

Depth in cm

245 / 540

Weight in kg

W.Hoffmann P 120

C. Bechstein Vario System

The C. Bechstein Vario digital mute makes a two-in-one out of your acoustic piano: you can play night and day without disturbing anyone.

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W.Hoffmann Professional Line

Acoustic assembly with a special design (agraffes on the upright pianos).
Iron frame
Iron frame of high-quality design and engineering, cast in a furan mould.
Large soundboard, carefully processed to optimise sound diffusion.
Back frame
Back frame for optimal rigidity, grand pianos with reinforced beech multiplex
Chrome fittings
Chrome fittings and chrome-like cast iron frame (silver hammered paint on upright pianos).
Ribs of the soundboard extended to the bass zone and provided with a resonance bar.
Long bridge of the grands hollowed to minimise energy loss.
Action regulation
Intonation standard
Professional voicing of the hammerheads by concert technicians.
Keyboard & Action engineering
C. Bechstein keyboard and action engineering (optimised lever ratios and anti-slip key surface).
C. Bechstein hammerheads with mahogany molding, sophisticated sound for professional demands
Grands with adjustable lid props.
Grands with reclining music rack

Manufactory in Hradec Králové

C. Bechstein Europe

The Sound of Europe


C. Bechstein Europe is a company with a unique production site, characterised by the attention to detail and the excellence of German engineering, that is rooted in European culture and intends to deliver to all pianists the ideal musical partner they are looking for.


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