C. Bechstein Vario digital system

The C. Bechstein Vario digital mute transforms your acoustic piano into a digital instrument and enables you to play without disturbing anyone.

The C. Bechstein Vario digital mute doubles your pleasure when you play your acoustic piano. This silent system was especially developed for the uprights and grands of the brands made by the Bechstein group. Available as an option for all new piano models, the C. Bechstein Vario digital mute turns your acoustic piano into a two-in-one instrument.

All models in the current ranges of the C. Bechstein group can be upgraded to include this silent system.

Vario upgrade: Moreover, we offer you the opportunity to upgrade and update the software for your Vario mute.


Advantages of the C. Bechstein Vario mute

The C. Bechstein Vario system entices you with the wonderful voice of the C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand piano. The samples render all details of the authentic tones, the recording is well balanced and pleasant in the long term. When you activate the Vario mute, the cords and the soundboard generate no sound, hence the expression “silent system”. As a consequence, you can play around the clock without disturbing anyone – as though you were in a soundproof booth.

Vario Silent System

Made by C. Bechstein Germany

C. Bechstein Vario, a mute system made in Germany

This innovative module developed by C. Bechstein is made in Germany exclusively for our pianos. A comprehensive survey revealed that this silent system lives up to all the users’ expectations: the C. Bechstein Vario mute not only stands out for its optimum dynamics, elegant design and user-friendliness, but also perfectly renders the player’s touch.

C. Bechstein Vario system

Technical features

Unique dynamics with an infinite range of possibilities from pianissimo to fortissimo through high-definition digitizing of the key movements, easily adjustable on the display screen.
Freely adjustable optical keys and pedal sensors with continuous measurement and adjustment.
Large touchscreen, all functions conveniently accessible via clear icon menus. Easy control of the various functions in the main and drop-down menus.
Control unit
Small dimensions, unobtrusive design.

Front: shows only headphone socket. Back: USB, line in/out and various system sockets. Easy to operate from above. Numerous functions including a sampled metronome, 4 configurable favorite sounds and various predefined sounds: 6 pianos, 3 organs, 3 digital pianos, 2 strings and 1 harpsichord (in the background).

Clear graphic on-screen prompts, universally comprehensible.
Unit automatically shuts down when pushed in (no standby).
High-quality, lightweight device made by a great brand that delivers a great sound.
Mute rail
Precise and very robust device with hand lever that doesn’t impair the function of the sostetuno pedal.

The C. Bechstein Vario silent system is a modular mute compatible with all new upright and grand pianos made by the Bechstein group. Please enquire about upgrading your instrument.

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