A 116 (B 116) Accent A 116 (B 116) Accent C. Bechstein Academy C. Bechstein Academy 151 / 59.4'' cm 59 / 23.2'' cm 235 / 518 cm 116 / 45.7'' kg The C. Bechstein A 116 Accent is a mid-sized premium upright. Great German quality built to satisfy several generations. Surprisingly affordable. new Upright
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A 116 (B 116) Accent

C. Bechstein Academy

A mid-sized premium upright. Sturdy yet sensitive, with an impressive sound volume.

A 116 (B 116) Accent

C. Bechstein Academy

A mid-sized premium upright. Sturdy yet sensitive, with an impressive sound volume.


C. Bechstein Academy A 116 Accent: A high-performance pianoforte for demanding players

C. Bechstein A 116 Accent: a full-fledged work of art that the C. Bechstein engineers and sound specialists have developed to meet the requirements of today’s piano players.

The A 116 Accent upright: an instrument for pianoforte lovers! Connoisseurs notice the high quality at first sight, from the precious materials to lavish processing, and cannot help but fall in love with its voice. Moreover, the case with its harmonious proportions and straightforward design fits perfectly in a modern interior.


A premium pianoforte developed by German engineers

The A 116 Accent pianoforte is rooted in the great Bechstein tradition and integrates technological advancements developed by the brand’s engineers specifically for this product line. This model is a perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and high-tech precision. A truly top-class instrument, the A 116 Accent is a premium upright that embodies the great Bechstein legend.

The high sensitivity of the soundboard system is just one example of the Bechstein piano-making expertise that prompts international manufacturers to seek our advice. The constantly growing vertical range of manufacture at the state-of-the-art C. Bechstein production site remains unparalleled in Europe. The in-house production of the hammerheads perfectly illustrates the singular development of the Bechstein brand in the last decades.

To find out more, you can take a guided tour of the German production site where both the Bechstein and C. Bechstein instruments are made. Our piano-makers will be glad to show you the wealth of details that add up to Bechstein quality.

The Premium Class

Top-quality upright and grand pianos made in Germany. Become part of the Bechstein legend!


C. Bechstein Academy upright piano

7 months, 120 hours

Instruments with perfect voice and touch.

Mountain spruce grown slowly at elevations between 800 and 1,000 meters.

Sound board element adapted to the individual models.

Sound bodies made of carefully selected spruce, beech and pine.

The special composition of the cast iron and the particular form of the frame dampen its vibrations and boost the string energy.

Agraffes ensure precise positioning of the bass strings. The middle and treble strings rest on a capo bar.

The bridges are made of German red beech using modern CNC technology, which guarantees good transmission of sound and frequencies to the soundboard.

Hardwood multiplex.

Durable, resilient keyboard with ideal lever ratio that meets professional requirements.

Keyboard designed and engineered by the C. Bechstein R&D department.

Highly complex professional action made up of 2,000 parts and designed in accordance with C. Bechstein’s Keyboard and Action Engineering and Geometry standards.

Hammer heads made by C. Bechstein Germany.

Materials: mahogany core covered with felt made in Germany of New Zealand wool using a secret, traditional method.

The Touch with optimum weight and friction coefficients achieved by using the latest design technology.

Individual voicing by expert technicians for a distinct, transparent, multifaceted voice.

Case manufactured at the C. Bechstein production site from some twenty top-quality parts. Elegant finish (high-gloss lacquer).

A 116 (B 116) Accent Dimensions

Dimensions   H 116 / 45.7'' ×  W 151 / 59.4'' ×  D 59 / 23.2''   Weight   235 / 518 kg
C. Bechstein Academy A 116 (B 116) Accent


C. Bechstein Academy A 116 (B 116) Accent

Top-quality upright and grand pianos made in Germany. Become part of the Bechstein legend!


At the C. Bechstein manufactory, experienced piano-makers build instruments of exceptional quality, each of them provided with a distinctive musical personality. More than 160 years of piano-making expertise are a testimony to continuity and reliability.


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