Influencers of Residence: Miroslav Sekera

April sees the third concert of our concert series 'Influencers of Resonance': Miroslav Sekera performs works from the Romantic period at the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia

'My recital at the St Agnes Convent will primarily consist of works of the Romantic period. The most momentous composition of the evening will be Brahms’ Piano Sonata in F minor. Although the composer wrote it when a mere 20 years of age, it is one of the greatest piano works of the nineteenth century. We will also commemorate the death of this masterful artist in April.

The second part of the recital will give a glimpse of Franz Liszt – another great Romantic figure, who expanded the boundaries of piano technique with amazing musicality. Brahms and Liszt were both phenomenal instrumentalists who devoted a significant portion of their oeuvre to their most beloved instrument, the piano.'

Miroslav Sekera


Miroslav Sekera entered the limelight as one of the brightest talents with aspirations to rank among the Czech musical elite and artists of global repute. He fulfilled all expectations completely. He captivates his audiences with his excellent technique, preparation, focused execution, enormous drive, profound expression, and interpretative approach that stems from an understanding and respect for the intentions of the author.

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