Restoration and repairs

Guaranteed upright and grand piano restoration and repairs

Would you like to have your precious C. Bechstein instrument restored? Do you have a question about piano repairs? The C. Bechstein workshop restores grand and upright pianos from around the world. Many of our "patients" are more than one hundred years old. Piano care and maintenance may include repairs or even restoration, for example if the instrument has been extensively used over a long period of time.

You should not, however, have your valuable piano restored just anywhere. Many of the instruments that arrive at our workshop had been entrusted to underqualified technicians and were "extensively dys-repaired" at considerable cost. In such cases, we have to begin by undoing the ill effects of the preceding so-called repair work. Only a specialized workshop with certified expertise in piano repairs and grand restoration, staffed by expert craftspeople who have the skills, the experience and the technical equipment required, can refit your piano to provide many more decades of playing pleasure.

The importance of continuous care and maintenance for a fine piano is too often underestimated. Only professionals who regularly care for quality instruments, however, know exactly what steps must be taken to ensure dependable and lasting improvements. Our relationships with our customers are marked by confidence and longevity. Accordingly, every full restoration is the occasion to keep an account of your instrument, give you tips on how best to care for it and provide a guarantee and a certificate of repair.

Look for Expertise

Did you know that there are only very few workshops left that can confidently be entrusted with piano restoration? The amount of time required for piano repair can be extensive, and even more so for a complete restoration. We recommend getting a detailed cost estimate beforehand, making sure it includes a full list of the steps to be taken. Decisive factors are the age of your piano and the specific materials of which it is made. Moreover, if your piano is vintage, it’s important to preserve its original tone colour. Our workshop will restore your instrument while retaining the most authentic sound character possible.

Refurbishing the case finish can be particularly complicated. Don’t hesitate to talk to us about your ideas and preferences in that matter. Whether you want the existing finish gently restored or a completely new lacquered surface, we have all the skills, tools and materials needed at our disposal. Quality should also go into the care and maintenance of your piano to help preserve its high value and ensure your playing pleasure with your “musical partner” for decades to come.